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    Classification of silicone spoons and surrounding silicone tableware

    silicone tablewares

    Silicone spoon is a very useful kitchen utensil. It is made of food-grade silicone, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, softness, and easy cleaning.

    silicone spoons can be divided into different types

    1.Silicone baking spoons: Usually used for stir-frying ingredients, such as vegetables, meat, etc., and sometimes have a notched or curved design for better frying ingredients.
    2.Silicone Soup Spoon: Used for soups and soups, usually with a large head and rim to hold large amounts of liquid.
    3.Silicone Egg Beater Spoon: With a slender spoon head, it is suitable for stirring and whipping egg liquid, etc.
    4.SiliconeSalad Spoon: Usually has a wide spoon head, suitable for mixing salad and so on.
    5.Silicone Strainer: A silicone spoon with small holes for straining liquids from ingredients, such as vegetables or pasta.
    6.SiliconeMeasuring spoon: Used to measure the volume of ingredients, such as seasonings, etc.
    7.Silicone Benefits: High temperature resistance: Food-grade silicone spoons are high temperature resistant, suitable for cooking and frying.
    8.Silicone Softness: The softness of silicone allows the spoon to be used in various shapes of pots and utensils, and it also reduces scratches on kitchen utensils such as woks.

    Silicone Cooking spoons

    Easy to clean: The silicone spoon has a smooth surface and is not easy to adhere to food, so it is easy to clean.
    Non-reactive: Silicone spoons will not react with ingredients and will not release harmful substances, making them a food-safe choice.
    Abrasion Resistant: The abrasion resistance of silicone makes the spoon last longer.
    Use attention method:
    Avoid high-temperature frying: Although silicone is resistant to high temperatures, it is best to avoid using silicone spoons for high-temperature frying to avoid damage.
    Not suitable for prolonged soaking in acidic food: Prolonged soaking in acidic food may affect the texture of the silicone, so it is best avoided.
    Pay attention to cleaning: Clean the silicone spoon in time after use to avoid food residues from adhering. Hand wash or place in the dishwasher for cleaning.
    Avoid high temperature when storing: It is not recommended to place the silicone spoon in a high temperature environment to prevent deformation or damage.
    Pay attention to the wear of the spoon: If the silicone spoon is obviously worn, scratched or deformed, it is best to stop using it, so as not to affect the safety of use.

    There is also a widely used silicone baby spoon

    Baby spoons are small utensils specially designed for baby feeding, made of food-grade materials such as silicone, plastic or stainless steel. These spoons are specially designed in terms of shape, size, material, etc. to suit the baby’s feeding needs and oral characteristics.
    Small tip: Baby spoons usually have a smaller tip that fits the baby’s mouth, making it easier to get food into the baby’s mouth.
    Soft Material: Some baby spoons are made of soft silicone to help babies eat comfortably while reducing irritation to gums and gums.
    Long handle design: Baby spoons usually have longer handles that are easier for the parent or guardian to hold, making it easier to control the position of the spoon and the delivery of food.
    Non-slip handle: Some baby spoons are designed with a non-slip handle, which makes it more stable for parents to hold and not easy to slip off.

    What products are used with silicone spoons?

    Products used with silicone spoons can include the following:

    silicone baby feeding set

    Silicone Baby Bowls: Silicone baby bowls usually have a suction cup bottom that adheres firmly to the tabletop, preventing babies from pushing the bowl over. These bowls can be used for solid or liquid food.
    Silicone Baby deeding Mats: These mats can be placed on the baby dining chair to protect the chair from being soiled by food and also prevent the baby from sliding while eating.
    Silicone baby spoon: Similar to silicone spoons, silicone baby spoons are usually adapted to the baby’s mouth size and dietary needs, and are an important tool when feeding complementary foods.
    Silicone feeding bottles: Silicone feeding bottles are an option for babies who are still nursing. Silicone bottles are generally free of harmful chemicals and are safe for storing and feeding formula.
    Silicone Baby Teethers: Silicone baby teethers can provide soothing gum pain relief when babies start teething, and can also be used as toys for babies to explore.
    Silicone Baby Tableware Set: These sets usually include silicone bowls, spoons, feeding bottles, etc., which are a complete set of baby dining tools.
    Silicone Baby Bibs: When babies are not so good at eating, the protective bibs can prevent food from splashing on clothes and keep clothes clean.
    Baby Bowls and Plates: These silicone items make it easier for babies to hold food while eating without making it slide.

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