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    Custom silicone storage bags detail

    Custom silicone storage bags are a common request, especially for preserving items such as food, medicine, cosmetics, electronic devices, and more.
    Material selection: The main raw material of silicone storage bags is silica gel. We use food-grade silicone, non-toxic silicone, and  BPA free. You can purchase with confidence.

    Size and Shape: Size and shape the silicone storage bag to fit the items being stored. We can customize the size of the silicone storage bag according to your needs

    Custom Design: We can add your brand logo, trademark or pattern. Make sure the bag design matches your brand or product image.

    Sealing performance: Silicone storage bags are often used to keep items fresh and moisture-proof. Make sure the bag has a good seal to prevent air, moisture or humidity from entering the bag.

    Quantity and Cost: Determine the quantity you need to order and your budget. Usually, mass production can reduce the cost of each unit, and we will give you the lowest price quotation among our peers.
    Our products all have complete certificates in the silicone industry

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