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    Silicone measuring cup is a common kitchen tool, made of food-grade silicone material, kitchen cooking: to ensure accurate proportioning when cooking.
    Baking: Precise measurements are often required in baking recipes. Silicone measuring cups can help you measure flour, sugar, yeast and other ingredients correctly according to recipe requirements.
    Baby food preparation: If you need to make baby food, silicone measuring cups can help you make sure the ingredients are in the right proportions every time.
    Medication Dosing: In some cases, silicone measuring cups can also be used to measure doses of liquid medications or powdered medications.
    Cosmetics and Beauty: Silicone measuring cups can help you measure various ingredients when making homemade cosmetics, face masks, and more.
    Research Labs: Some research labs may use silicone measuring cups to accurately measure small amounts of liquid reagents or samples.
    Crafting: In some crafting projects, such as making candles, soap, etc., silicone measuring cups can help you measure ingredients.

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