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    Silicone pads have a wide range of application scenarios

    1. Kitchen utensils: Silicone mats are often used in baking, cooking and cooking, and can be used as baking tray mats, grill mats, placemats, anti-slip mats for kitchen utensils, etc. 2. Pet tableware: Silicone table mats are commonly used for eating and drinking

    3. Healthcare: Silicone pads are also used in the medical field, such as bra pads for women during breastfeeding.

    4. Electronic products: Silicone pads can be used for anti-shock and anti-skid of electronic products, such as mobile phone cases, tablet cases, etc.

    5. Industrial manufacturing: Silicone pads are used for shockproof, anti-skid, shock absorption, gaskets, etc. of various mechanical equipment to protect equipment and improve production efficiency.

    6. Home life: Silicone mats can be used as anti-slip mats, dust-proof mats, furniture mats, etc. in home life to protect furniture and the ground.

    7. Cosmetics: Silicone pads are sometimes used for packaging and protection of cosmetics, such as sealing gaskets for powder boxes.

    8. Sports goods: Some sports goods such as yoga mats, fitness mats, etc. can also use silicone materials to increase comfort and anti-slip properties.


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