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    About custom silicone manufacturer 

    Bubblesilicone is a leading  silicone manufacturing company.  mainly engaged in the wholesale custom silicone parts.

    About  silicone manufacturing services

    If you need custom silicone parts, you have a design drawing of a silicone products or just an idea, please contact us, as a top custom silicone  factory, we will serve you.
    Custom silicone parts&products are a common request and they are commonly used in a variety of applications including industrial, medical, electronics, automotive and consumer product manufacturing. Silicone has excellent resistance to heat, cold, chemicals and electrical insulation, making it ideal for manufacturing a variety of custom silicone parts.
    1. Choose silicone material: Choose the right silicone material according to your needs.
    2. Fabricating the Molds: Once the design is finalized, the mold for producing the silicone accessories needs to be fabricated.
    3. silicone manufacturing: Using a manufactured mold, the silicone material will be injected into the mold and solidified under a certain temperature and pressure.
    4. Post-processing: Silicone parts may require post-processing, such as residual material removal, edge trimming, and surface treatment.

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