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    custom silicone parts

    We are a professional supplier of custom silicone parts and accessories. We have competitive prices and the best service directly from the factory.

    During the silicone manufacturing process, we will select the most appropriate silicone raw material and the best manufacturing method according to the changes in the standard and customized requirements of silicone parts and the needs of specific application scenarios.

    Silicone material: First of all, the material of silicone parts must comply with relevant material standards. Silicones are typically classified according to ASTM D2000 or ISO 1629 standards and come in varying hardness, heat and chemical resistance. Specific requirements will vary depending on the use environment and requirements of the product.

    1. Heat resistant mats: The heat resistance of silicone parts is often a key indicator, especially silicone heat-resistant pads, silicone heating pads, and silicone hot pads. Thermal resistance can be determined through temperature range and thermal cycle testing.

    2. Silicone seals: Requirements for silicone seals usually include sealing performance, weather resistance, chemical resistance and dimensional accuracy. Seals typically need to meet ASTM D2000 or ISO 1629 silicone material standards and may need to undergo compression set testing to verify their sealing performance.

    3. Silicone Key Covers and Keyboard Covers: When it comes to silicone key covers and keyboard covers, important factors include feel, wear resistance, and precise sizing to ensure they fit a specific keyboard design.

    4. Silicone gasket: Requirements for silicone gaskets generally include hardness, dimensional accuracy, surface finish and compression performance. These gaskets may be required to meet ASTM D2000 or ISO 1629 standards.

    Silicone Dry Pads: Silicone dry pads are often required to have certain hygroscopic properties and need to meet specific hygroscopic standards to ensure they are effective in humidity control applications.

    Custom Requests: Depending on the design of the product, specific shapes, sizes, colors, and printing requirements may be required. Custom silicone accessories require clear specifications to meet the unique needs of the product.

    In the manufacturing of silicone, we have obtained complete certificates, such as RoHS, REACH and other environmental and chemical substance restriction standards. You can feel free to make inquiries to us

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