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    1. Can I request a free sample?

    Sure, our sample in stock is free, but not include shipping cost.

    2. What material have you used for your products?

    All of our product is food grade and BPA free. We have FDA CE BSCI ISO9001 LFGB etc. Can offer certificates for you.

    3. What information do you need for custom silicone products?

    2D/3D drawing or simple drawing with size. Function, Quantity.

    4. Would you accept a custom logo or custom silicone mold?

    All are welcome just contact us at once.

    5. For custom design silicone products what’s your MOQ quantity?

    Our MOQ would be around 100-3000 PCS. It depends on the size of the product.

    6. How about your shipping?

    For bulk orders we ship them by sea or by air, For small orders, we ship by DHL, FedEx, TNT, or UPS or air shipping

    7. Why  Silicone Baby Product So Popular Nowadays?

    Because Silicone Products Is More Environmentally Friendly Than Plastic Materials, Liquid Silicone Products Have Been Rapidly Developed. Silicone Gifts And a Variety Of Customized Silicone Products Have Generally Entered Our Daily Life. Because Silicone Material Is Food Grade And Bpa Free. So Many Silicone Manufacturers Use Silicone Material To customize Silicone Baby Products, Silicone Baby Bib, Silicone Teether, Silicone Bottle, Silicone Pacifier, Silicone Breast Pump, Silicone Baby Bowl, Silicone Plate Etc.

    8. What Is The Characteristics Of Silicone Dinner Plate For Children?

    Customized Food Grade Silicone Raw Materials, Environmental Protection, Non-Toxic, Safe And Assured.

    Super Strong Suction Plate. The Silicone Plate Can Be Firmly Attached To The Smooth Table Top.

    Easy To Clean, Microwave And Dishwasher Safe.

    Can Withstand The High Temperature Of 230℃

    Silicone Is Easy To Dry, Not Easy To Breed Bacteria

    Long-Term Use Is Not Easy To Fade, Deformation And Corrosion

    9. Which Brand Silicone Baby Teether Good? How To Choose Baby Teether?

    Baby Teeth Stage, Often Appear Drooling, Eating Fingers And Even a Fever Phenomenon. Baby Teether Can Help Children With Uncomfortable Symptoms. For Its Material, Choose Food Grade Silicone Material.  Because This Kind Of Food Grade Silicone Material, Non-Toxic And Tasteless.  And Its Chemical Properties Are Relatively Stable, And Not Easy To Be Bitten By The Baby. It Can Also Boil Water Disinfection, Use More Assured. Bubble Silicone As Professional Silicone Factory provides High-Quality Baby Products, You Can Safely Choose from.

    10. What Should We Pay Attention To Using Silicone Baby Toothbrush?

    Baby Silicone Toothbrush Is Made Of Liquid Silicone Material, Which Is Completely Non-Toxic Harmless, Soft, And Does Not Hurt The Gums.

    Please Clean It And Boil It In Water For 1-3 Minutes Before Use.

    The Finger Toothbrush Can Be Placed On The Adult’s Clean Index Finger, And Then the Baby Can Be Slanted To Clean The Deciduous Teeth Or Oral Cavity.

    Wash With Clean Water Before Use And Then Put It In Boiling Water To Sterilize, Keep Dry And Away From Direct Sunlight

    11. Bubble-Silicone:High Quality Silicone Baby Toys Supplier

    Toy Silicone Is a Kind Of Synthetic Rubber, Which Belongs To Organic Silicone And Is Specially Used For Toy Production. Toy Silicone Is Currently The Best Silicone Rubber That Is Resistant To Both High Temperature And Severe Cold. Generally, It Can Still Maintain Good Elasticity At -60~250 °C. Toy Silicone Is Non-Toxic And Harmless To Children, And Is The Raw Material For Customized Silicone Baby Toys. Toy Silicone Is Also Known As Toy Silicone Rubber, Toy Glue.

    12. What Is The Liquid Silicone Used In Bubble-Silicone?

    When It Comes To Liquid Silicone Products, Silicone Pacifiers, Feeding Bottles, and Baby Finger  Toothbrushes For Babies Are Made Of Liquid Silicone. First Of All, Silicone Itself Is An Environmentally Friendly Material, And It Is Also a Raw Material That Has Passed The Food Level Certification. The Food Level Silicone Material Has Excellent Performance. In Addition To High And Low-Temperature Resistance, Its Stability Is Extremely High. The Main Components Of The Silicone Material Are Silica, Silicone It Is Composed Of Resin And Silica, So The Vulcanizing Agent Added By The Silicone Product Manufacturer During The Rubber Mixing Process Will Not Conflict With Any Substance.

    13. What Are The Common Silicone Products In Life?

    More And More custom Silicone Products Appear In Our Lives, Briefly Introduce To You.

    Heat Mat Are Generally Made Of Silicone, Which Has The Advantages Of High-Temperature Resistance And Non-Slip. There Are Also Many Types Of Silicone Kitchenware: Cake Molds, Silicone Funnels, Silicone Placemats, Silicone Lunch Boxes, Silicone Gloves, Silicone Oil Brushes, Silicone  Fresh Bags, Silicone Container, And Other Customized Housewares These Kitchen Utensils Are Made Of Silicone Materials, And All Use Food-Grade Safe Silicone, It Is Non-Toxic, Odorless, Soft And Strong, Easy To Clean And Very Durable.

    14. Why Choose Silicone Ice Trays?

    Compared With Plastic Ice Trays, Silicone Ice Trays Have Richer Shapes And Are More Convenient To Clean.And The Silicone Ice Tray Has No Peculiar Smell, High Temperature / Low Temperature Resistance, Better Molding. Nowadays, Many Brands Use Silicone Whiskey Ice Trays: Martell, The Glenlivet, Royal Salute, Chivas, Chivas Etc. Bubble-Silicone Can Customize Ice Trays Of Various Shapes, Welcome To Contact Us.

    15. Are Silicone Kitchen Utensils Really Gradually Replacing Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils?

    Silicone Kitchen Utensils Are Resistant To High Temperatures, Easy To Clean, Soft, Environmentally Friendly And Rich In Style And Color Which is Very Popular In The Market. But We Should Pay Attention When We Choose Silicone Kitchenware Products:

    • FDA And LFGB Certificates Are Required.
    • To Correctly Distinguish The Purpose Of Each Kitchen Utensils
    • No Odor And Will Not Fade When Wiped

    In Addition, For All Silicone Products, No Matter What Color The Silicone Product Burns, It Emits White Smoke, And The Ash Is White Powder. If Black Smoke Occurs, The Ashes Are Black / Pink Powder Not 100% Food Grade Silicone.

    16. How To Cooperate With Customized Silicone Products Suppliers?

    Because Silicone Products Are Becoming More And More Popular In The Market, Companies And Individuals Want To Create Or Expand Their Own Silicone Brands. Due To The Lack Of Understanding Of This Industry, There Are Many Problems In The Process Of Selecting Silicone Product Manufacturers And Communicating With Manufacturers.

    • Provide Drawings Or Any Simple Drawing With Size.
    • Inform The Use Of The Product, The Use Environment, And The Relevant Properties Of The Product. Only By Knowing This Information Can We Give Professional Advice And Match The Silicone Raw Materials

    Know More About Custom Silicone Product 

    17. What Should Be Paid Attention To When Exporting Silicone Foldable Cups To Germany?

    Silicone Folding Water Cups Are Popular Among Consumers Because Of Their Convenience To Carry. There Are Many Silicone Suppliers All Over The World, What Should We Pay Attention To When Cooperating With German Customers?

    LFGB Certification:

    Silicone Cups Exported To Germany Are Subject To Food Contact Testing LFGB Standards, And The Knife And Fork Mark Is a Food Safety Mark. On The Daily Necessities That Come Into Contact With Food, If There Is a Knife And Fork Mark, It Means That The Product Has Passed The Test To Meet Many German And European Standards, And Meets The Requirements Of German LFGB Regulations, Which Proves That It Does Not Contain Toxic Substances That Are Harmful To The Human Body. Allowed To Be Sold In Germany Or Other European And American Markets.Bubble Silicone Can Provide You With High Quality LFGB Silicone Products

    18. The Differences between Manual Silicone Breast And Electric Breast Pump

    Manual Silicone Breast


    • 1. Cheaper
    • 2.No Need To Charge, Light And Easy To Use.
    • 3.Noiseless4.The Intensity Can Be Adjusted At Will


    • 1. Manual Operation Takes a Lot Of Effort
    • 2. Slow Pumping
    • 3. Long-Term Use Is Easy To Cause Tenosynovitis

    Electric Breast Pump


    • Automatic Operation, Hands-Free
    • The Suction Is Even And Doesn’t Harm The Breast
    • The Suction Is Faster


    •  High Price
    • Power Is Required. Power Outage Is Unavailable
    • More Heavier Than a Manual Breast Pump4.Some Breast Pumps Will Make Noisy

    Whether Manual Or Electric Breast Pump, We Should Choose BPA-Free Breast Pump. The Material Of Breast Pump Is Generally Silicone Or Pp. To Choose The Right Silicone Supplier, It Is Better To Match a Silicone Breast Collector

    19. Do You Know How To Clean Silicone Housewares Products?

    • Toothpaste: Use Toothpaste To Clean The Silicone Cover.
    • Eraser: Use An Eraser To Wipe The Dirt Out, Then Rinse With Water.
    • Water: Rinse With Clean Water, Dry Silicone Products Directly With a Hot Fan, and Pay Attention To Not Exposed To The Sun.
    • With Professional Silica Gel Cleaning Agent.
    • Remark: Silicone Products Can Be Put Into The Dishwasher And Disinfection Machine Cleaning, Very Convenient

    20. Why Are Silicone Rings Popular?

    Silicone Jewelry Is Becoming More And More Popular Around The World. Silicone Ring Is a Kind Of Silicone Jewelry, Using Transparent Solid Raw Materials After High Temperature Curing Molding Production, Non-Toxic Tasteless, and Different Colors, and Numerous Styles.

    • Silicone Ring Colors And Styles Are Many But Also Can Be Made Into Fluorescent Color, Can Light In Dark
    • Custom Silicone Rings Are Also More Convenient And Cheaper
    • Prevent Sweat From Running Onto The Player’s Hands And Causing The Ball To Slide.
    • For The Faith Of The Wearer: Because The Diy Of Silicone Wrist Bands And Ring Is Very Flexible, Can Imprint The Logo You Want To Express On The Silicone Wrist Band Or The Silicone Ring According To People’s Requirements.

    What’s more, Silicone Baby Rings, Silicone Wedding Rings, And Ring Gift Boxes Are Very Popular On Amazon And Other Platforms. Feel Free To( Contact Bubble-silicone)For Details On Custom Silicone Rings

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