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    Silicone scar patch is a medical patch, usually made of food-grade silicone material, used to assist in the treatment and management of scars. Its main role is to improve the appearance and texture of scars, relieve discomfort in the scarred area, and promote the gradual healing of scars

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    1. Scar treatment: Silicone scar stickers can be used for various types of scar treatment

    2. Scar management: For some scars that are prone to bumps, hyperplasia or abnormal color

    3. Prevention of scar formation: After surgery or during wound healing, early use of silicone scar stickers can help prevent excessive formation of scars and reduce the adverse effects of scars

    4.Soothe the scar area: Silicone scar stickers have a certain soothing effect on the discomfort of the scar area, such as itching, tingling, etc.

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