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    Medical silicone products are more and more widely used, why?Which has higher requirements, medical grade silicone or food grade?

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    We all know that there are many kinds of silicone products, and our cognitive ability may rarely be medical silicone and food-grade silicone. The medical silicone certification standard for medical equipment is stricter! Their use is also different.

    Food-grade silicone

    Food-grade silicone tubes are designed as medical device accessories, diagnostic catheters, and application inhibition effects to ensure safety. Food-grade silicone tubes are usually used as vertical water dispensers, automatic coffee machine drains, electrical product ventilation route maintenance, and medical equipment. , Catheter, etc. Waterproof sleeves for baby bottle stoppers, household electrical appliances, etc.

    Medical Silicone

    Medical silicone hose has strong performance. Widely used in oxygen ventilator, medical equipment drainage pipe, medical equipment, infusion catheter, skin care products, biological research, chemical experiment operation, food industry transportation, feed pharmaceutical industry, etc.The characteristics and application of medical silica gel: high compressive strength, wear resistance, strong resilience; good physiological plasticity, embedded in the body, not easy to react with human cells. Medical silicone is a microbial silicone that is used very commonly in biotechnology in plastic surgery. Here you can see many cases of our silicone medical products. It comes in a variety of shapes, such as liquid silicone oil, sticky silicone, sticky silicone, sponge, and stretchable liquid silicone rubber. At this stage, it is mainly used for liquid silicone. Silicone has good compatibility, no irritation to human body, non-toxic, no allergic symptoms, and little rejection to the human body; it has good chemical properties and can maintain its original ductility and softness throughout the process Sex, not subject to hydrolysis reaction. It is a very stable plastic chemical substance.

    There are also differences in the use of medical silicone and food-grade silicone

    medical silicone verification standards for medical equipment are more stringent! Can be used for microbial models in industries such as body grooming and skin care. Food-grade silicone can be used for kitchen utensils or food packaging box sealing silicone and more!
    In hospitals and clinics, you can usually see all kinds of rubber products, such as medical silicone tubes, needle silicone plugs, silicone ropes tied to your hands, etc. In addition to drugs, the most common products in the current medical industry are medical devices. Why are the products getting so much attention?

    Silicone Rubber

    The reason why silicone rubber products are widely used in the medical field is mainly due to their own properties and structural characteristics. For example, the rubber stopper used for the sealed packaging of medical pharmaceuticals requires a certain degree of elasticity, and can still maintain the original airtightness after acupuncture. It is airtight and airtight, and no debris can fall. However, the characteristics of silica gel itself are difficult to meet the current medical needs, so it is necessary to modify the silica gel or add some reagents to change its own insufficiency to meet the medical application.
    At present, the two most widely used materials are silicone rubber and polyurethane. Polyurethane has the advantages of good biocompatibility, excellent mechanical properties, easy molding and processing, and controllable performance; silicone rubber has physiological inertia and good biocompatibility. These two materials have been discovered in medicine very early, and are constantly being concerned and researched by people in the industry.

    Silicone rubber is based on high molecular weight linear polyorganosiloxane, adding some specific components, and then processed according to certain process requirements, to make a rubbery elastic body with certain strength and elongation.
    Silicone rubber used as a medical material has high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, hydrophobicity, softness, permeability, aging resistance, high transparency, physiological inertia, no adhesion to human tissue and blood, and good biological adaptability. It has a series of excellent characteristics such as non-toxic, tasteless, and non-carcinogenic.
    As a medical polymer material with excellent performance, silicone rubber has attracted the attention of dedicated people both in the rubber industry and in the medical field. The reason is that, firstly, it has high technical content, low cost, high added value, and considerable economic benefits when used as a silicone medical material; secondly, it utilizes the medical properties of silicone rubber. It can not only solve many medical problems, but also enable patients to obtain satisfactory curative effect; thirdly, silica gel has a wide range of uses, is convenient for silica gel product manufacturers to produce and finely process, and has good social and economic benefits.

    Silicone rubber, as a biomedical polymer material with excellent performance, has received widespread attention from people in the industry both in the rubber and plastic industry and in the medical field. At present, from the perspective of the development trend of medical silicone products and the demand of the medical market, different types and technical varieties are expanding and improving. In the future, more silicone rubber products will be put into various medical applications to meet the needs of different patients. need.

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