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    Post-processing method of custom silicone products, how to custom your personal logo

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    After a large number of custom silicone products are produced through mold molding, the post-processing technology can vary according to the characteristics and requirements of specific products, and further post-finishing is required.

    Post-processing methods are as follows:

    Custom Silicone Products Process
    Trimming and cutting: There may be some redundant edges or parts of the formed silicone product, which need to be removed by trimming and cutting. This can be done using knives, scissors or specialized cutting tools.
    Sanding and Polishing: Some silicone products may require sanding and polishing for a smoother finish. This helps remove unevenness or roughness from the surface and provides a better feel and appearance.
    Printing and spraying: For some silicone products, it may be necessary to print, spray or coat the surface to add patterns, logos or colors. This can be achieved by screen printing, spraying, screen printing and other processes.
    Assembly: If the silicone product is composed of multiple parts, such as silicone sealing rings, silicone keyboards, etc., assembly may be required later. This may involve gluing, embedding or connecting different parts together.
    Die Cutting and Punching: Some silicone products may require die cutting and punching to create specific shapes, holes or openings. This is commonly used to make products such as silicone mats, silicone membranes, etc.
    Adding accessories: Some silicone products may need to add accessories, such as metal buckles, zippers, ropes, etc. This may require piercing, fixing or other means of attachment.
    Inspection and Quality Control: In the post-processing process, it is very important to carry out product inspection and quality control. This includes checking the product’s appearance, size, texture, etc. to ensure that the product meets the specified standards and requirements.
    Packaging: Finally, silicone products need to be properly packaged after post-processing to protect the product from damage and contamination, while facilitating transportation and sales.

    What are the processing methods for the logo on the surface of silicone products, and what are the characteristics of each?
    Printing: Printing is a common way to print logos or patterns on the surface of silicone products. It can be screen printing, heat transfer printing, etc. This method is suitable for flat surfaces, and various colors and patterns can be printed on silicone products. The advantage of printing is that it is relatively cheap and complex designs can be achieved.
    Embossing: Embossing is to engrave or emboss a logo or pattern on the surface of a silicone product. This approach allows the logo to be raised on the surface of the product, adding tactile and visual impact. Embossing can usually be achieved on almost any part of a silicone product.
    Gravure printing: Gravure printing is to etch a logo or pattern on the surface of the silicone product to make it recessed. Gravure printing can make the logo blend with the surface of the product, giving people a high-quality feeling. This approach is often used for designs that require simplicity and refinement.
    Color painting: Color painting is to add color on the surface of silicone products by hand or printing to achieve colorful logos or patterns. This method is suitable for designs that require rich colors and rich details.
    Injection molding: Injection molding is to directly inject colored silicone materials into the mold during the molding process of silicone products to form colorful logos or patterns. The advantage of this method is high durability, and the Logo is not easy to wear or fade.
    Sticker: Sticker is to attach the pre-made silicone Logo to the surface of the product, which is often used for designs that need to add 3D effects.
    Hot stamping and silver hot stamping: This method pastes gold or silver foil film on the surface of silicone products by hot pressing, so as to achieve a metallic logo effect.

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