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    Safe Silicone Pet Food Mat: The Dog Food Mat is made of premium silicone, which is BPA free. Durable and not easy to break. This dog placemats for food and water can effectively prevent pets from eating food that has been polluted by the floor. 

    Raised Edge Design: The external height of our Dog feeding mat has been upgraded and add many cute paw pattern design on topside great to prevent the bowl from sliding and avoid pets from spilling food and water onto the floor. The silicone tray can reduce your cleaning time and keep your living space neat and clean
    Easy to Use: The pet mat for dog bowls is easy to cozy feeding and improve the quality of life of pets. What’s more, this silicone pet mat for food and water is ideal for placing under pet fountains, bags of pet food and raised feeder, so they can be used more stably for pet goods
    Prevent Food Residues and Water from Spilling: The gently raised edge design of pet silicone feeding mat can prevent food residues or liquid spills from dog food bowls or pet food storage container, prevent water spills from cat water bowl, cat bowls for food and water or drink well pet fountain.Compared with dog toys for boredom and stimulating or clicker training for dogs, this dog feeding mat helps your pet eat stay away from dirty and disordered within a fixed space.

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