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    Silicone Dog Tags, Personalized Silent Silicone Tag, Engraved for Pets with Cute Custom Designs, for Dogs and Cats,

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    Silicone dog tags are pet tags made of  food grade silicone material, usually used to hang on a dog’s collar to provide the pet’s identification information and contact information.

    LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE: Silicone dog tags are very lightweight and won’t add burden to your pet’s neck, but also durable enough not to wear or get damaged easily.
    Not easy to rust: Unlike metal tags, silicone dog tags will not rust and will stay in good condition even in wet environments.

    Safety: Silicone dog tags generally have no sharp edges or parts that could scratch pets or owners, making them safer.
    Personalization: Since silicone is a malleable material, silicone dog tags can be customized according to personal preferences, including choosing different colors, shapes and font styles.

    Water Resistant: Due to the water resistance of silicone, the silicone dog tags can be used in rain or water without damage.

    Silent Tags: Silicone dog tags are generally quieter than metal tags and don’t make loud noises, which may be more desirable to some pet owners.

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