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    Silicone dog&cat toothbrush design allows easy cleaning of the entire mouth with just a few swipes.

     Our large breed, cat and puppy tooth brushing kit works well on all breeds and sizes. Use with enzymatic pet or puppy toothpaste for best results.

    FITS THIN & THICKER FINGERS: Adding a few drops of water inside makes the silicone expand for larger fingers, and creates a seal for smaller fingers – no more slipping off in your pet’s mouth.

    SOFT AND GENTLE FOR SENSITIVE PETS – Silicone bristles are softer than traditional bristles, but abrasive enough to remove plaque. The gentle nature of fingerbrushes tend to be more accepted by pets.

    SAFE & EFFECTIVE: 100% Silicone is BPA and Phthalate-free.
    Unlike traditional finger toothbrushes, PawsOnly’s Finger Toothbrush is completely surrounded by bristles to make toothbrushing easier for you and your pet. Full surrounded bristles allow you more control and comfort than standard toothbrushes to clean hard-to-reach areas. Soft bristles are gentle enough for sensitive dogs and cats.

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