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    Custom silicone heat resistant detail

     It is very necessary to have a silicone thermos bottle, In the cold weather of winter.
    Bubblesilicone is top silicone manufacturer near you.Our hot water bottles with silicone materials, it’s durable, safe to use and eco-friendly. The hot water bottles with cover what makes them ideal for cold evening and the hot water bag for pain relief or as a present is a good choice. 
    Ideal for soothing aching joints or pain on neck, waist, lower back, tummy, feet, period etc. Suitable for hot and cold therapy. Ideal for gifts.
    With its wide mouth it is easy to fill and use. The hot bag for pain relief is mulit-functional. Use it for menstrual cramps, sore muscles, during pregnancy or as a feet warmer. 
    KEEPS YOU WARM FOR HOURS: The hot water bottle with cover is designed to retain heat to ensure your comfort. The soft covers distribute the heat evenly and protect you against excessive heating. The hot water bottles is a good ideal on cold nights, keep foot and hand warmer.
    1. When injecting hot water for use, avoid directly filling it with boiling water. The water temperature should be about 80 degrees and the water filling amount should be 3/4.
    2. When not in use, drip dry the water, fill with appropriate amount of air, and avoid drying and storing in the shade;
    3. Please do not use it close to the body for a long time. It is better to combine a hot water bottle with a cloth cover to prevent high temperature burns;
    4. Please do not use this product for children.

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