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    Silicone Medical Alert Bracelet , Custom Medical Alert ID Silicone Bracelet Wristbands

    Material:food grade silicone
    OEM/ODM: highly welcome
    Package:pp bag,box package or customized
    Certificates:FDA,ISO,LFGB,BPA free etc

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    Silicone medical alarm bracelet is a medical aid made of silicone material, mainly used for patients or people who need monitoring, to help provide security and timely alarm function. It typically includes the following features and functions:

    Material: The silicone medical alarm bracelet uses silicone as the main material, which makes the bracelet soft, comfortable and durable, suitable for wearing on the wrist.

    Alarm function: There is an alarm system inside the bracelet, and the user can trigger the alarm through the button on the bracelet or other trigger mechanisms.

    Warning signs: Relevant warning signs may be printed on the wristband, such as the basic information of the patient, physical condition, emergency contacts, etc., so that others can provide help when needed.

    Water resistance: In order to ensure normal use in various environments, silicone medical alarm bracelets usually have a certain degree of water resistance.

    Silicone medical alarm bracelets have a wide range of applications, mainly for the elderly, chronic disease patients, dementia patients, disabled people and other people who need special care and monitoring.