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    About silicone manufacturer factory

    Bubblesilicone is a leading  silicone manufacturing companies.  mainly engaged in the wholesale custom silicone products.

    About custom silicone tube

    Silicone Tubing is made of food grade silicone material, which can be used for drinking water or food and beverage processing. Food grade silicone tube is a transparent, non-yellowing, non-toxic and flexible material.
    silicone tube made of high-quality silicone material, resistant to wear and corrosion. 
    Silicone Tubing is exceptionally clear, lightweight and flexible, with a smooth interior and exterior that prevents deposits from building up and flows and rinses easily.
    Food-grade  Silicone Tubing has a wide range of applications and can be used in household water dispensers, coffee machines or beer brewing, etc. The 3/8′ ID Silicone Tubing is soft and easy to cut to the right length. Also used for low pressure air hose for fish tanks and aquariums, condenser coolant lines, humidifiers, siphons, filters, indoor water gardens, drip irrigation, etc.
    The use of Silicone Tubing needs to be connected to food, drinking water, etc., and the silicone tubes need to be cleaned in advance. In addition, do not use them in environments with severe corrosion such as strong acids, strong alkalis, and organic solvents.

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