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    The application difference between solid silicone and liquid silicone and different custom silicone molding production methods

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    1. Silicone Compression Molding—Solid Silicone Molding Process

    Solid silicone products are usually added by high temperature mold (double 25 or double 24) silicone vulcanizing agent of the compound, and then through the plate vulcanizing machine pressure, high temperature sulfur into solid molding, molded silica gel hardness is usually in (Shore hardness)30-70A. In the process of rubber mixing production in a silicone factory, the raw rubber is first added to the double roll rubber mixer or closed kneader and gradually added white carbon black, silicone oil and other additives repeatedly refining. According to the different fillers and additives, the performance of silicone is also different molding of high temperature silicone has two kinds of molding and extrusion processes, the corresponding silicone material is divided into compression silicone and extrusion silicone, each molding process has its own advantages and disadvantages, in order to help you to choose suitable for their own molding process of HTV high temperature silicone raw materials, the following summarizes the difference between solid silicone molding and extrusion molding process.

    • Molding Machine

    Compression silicone is molded by a vacuum vulcanizing machine, and extruded silicone is molded by the extruder.

    • Curing Agent

    Compression silicone can be added by adding an odorless vulcanizing agent or double 25 vulcanizing agents after the piece cut strip, strip/sheet silicone raw materials into the machine after high-temperature vulcanization molding; And extruded silicone is by adding double 24 curing agents or platinum curing agent, directly throw the whole piece of silicone raw materials into the rubber bucket after extrusion curing molding. Compression silicone and extruded silicone rubber can reach food grade, molded silicone rubber to reach food grade must add an odorless vulcanizing agent, and extruded silicone rubber to reach food grade must add a platinum vulcanizing agent.

    • Rate of forming

    The molding time of compression silicone needs the 60s-180s and the molding time of extruded silicone only needs a few seconds.

    • Usage

    Compression silicone is mainly suitable for the production of silicone products with a certain size, shape and length limit, compression silicone can be designed into a certain regular size of products, such as silicone mobile phone cases, silicone sealing rings, baby pacifiers and other products are produced by compression silicone.
    Extruded silicone is mainly suitable for the production of no length-limit of tubular/strip silicone products, extruded silicone can be performed by the extruder head and then after oven, vulcanization production into the no-length limit of silicone products, such as the silicone water pipe often used in our life, silicone seals and other products are produced by extruded silicone
    In conclusion, compression silicone is suitable for silicone products with limited shape and size, while extruded silicone is suitable for silicone products with a certain shape and no length limitation.

    • Store

    In compression Silicone Raw Materials By Adding a Curing Agent Can Be Saved For About a Month, And Extrusion Silicone Raw Materials By Adding a Curing Agent Can Only Be Saved For About 3 Days, If The Two Do Not Add Curing Agent Can Be Effectively Preserved For a Year.

    2. The Advantage and Disadvantages of Custom Silicone Compression Molding

    • Custom Silicone Compression Molding Advantage

    1. It Is Not Limited By Shape And Can Be Customized According To Customers’ Requirements.
    2. High Precision, Product Structure Shape Neat And Beautiful.
    3.  Bright Colors, You Can Mix Colors At Will.
    • Custom Silicone Compression Molding Disadvantage

    1. General Machines Can Only Be Made With a Length And Width Of 500 *500 Mm.
    2.  There Will Be Defective Products In The Production Process.
    3. The Mold Cost Is Relatively High, And The Development Cycle Ranges From 7 To 25 Working Days.

    3. The Advantage and Disadvantages of Custom Silicone Extrusion  Molding

    Custom Silicone Extrusion  Molding Advantage

    1. It Is Not Limited In Length And Can Be Unlimited In Length.
    2. Short Production Cycle And High Productivity.
    3.  Mold Production Cost Is Low, and Development Is Convenient, Fast.

    Custom Silicone Extrusion  Molding Disadvantage

    1. It Can Only Be Made Into Strips, And The Shape Can Only Be Made Into Simple Shapes.
    2. The Accuracy Is Poor, The Product Size is More Than 10Mm Error Is Relatively Obvious.

    Bubble-Silicone is A Silicone Products Molding Company That Has Utilized Compression Molding Since The Year 2017. Silicone Compression Molding Offers Bubble-Silicone Customers An Effective And Efficient Way To Manufacture Their Liquid Silicone Rubber Prototypes And Low-Volume Silicone Production Parts. We Can Meet The Needs Of Our Customers Through Compression Silicone Molding.
    Industries And Applications

    Widely used in silicone baby products, silicone housewares, medical and other industries with high safety requirements. Such as:

    • Silicone Home&housewares & Appliances ( Kitchen & dinning&table & Drink ware &household.etc.)
    • Silicone baby products( Baby care & Baby Feeding & Baby Toys & kids learning toys etc)
    • Silicone Health & Beauty & Personal Care (Oral care & Beauty tools/Accessories & hair care, etc.)
    • Silicone Sports & Outdoor & Garden ( Sports and fitness & Travelling & Outdoor portable etc. )
    • Silicone Pets Supplies: Silicone Frisbee&Silicone Dog Poo Bag&Silicone claw washer
    • Silicone Electronic & Cell Phones Accessories ( Protective cover& Case, holder etc.)
    • Silicone Smoking products
    • Grow silicone with an independent design and development team, can meet your requirements. If you want to create a silicone product of your own brand, please contact us.

    4. Solid Silicone Tooling & Solid Silicone Compression Molding

    Bubble-silicone has long-term cooperation with mold manufacturers, which can quickly respond to customers’ demands with high quality and reasonable prices:Compression silicone molding is the most common process. Mainly by the mold to complete, mold shape determines the shape of silicone products. Compression silicone products are usually through high temperature mold in the addition of vulcanizing agent of solid silicone raw materials through the vulcanization machine pressure, high temperature sulfur into solid molding, molded silicone hardness is usually in 30°C-70°C. This production process is relatively simple, suitable for all silicone products.

    4.1. Custom Solid Silicone Compression Molding

    At BubbleSilicone company, we can help you control the time and cost of production. And receive a small MOQ. Help the brand grow rapidly.

    4.2. Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Injection Molding

    Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Injection Molding

    Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), Is a Popular Product For Consumers And Silicone Manufacturers. It Has Good Elasticity, Waterproof And Moisture-Proof Properties, And Is Resistant To Acid, Alkali And Other Chemicals, So It Is Generally Used To Replace Plastic Products In Daily Life. Liquid Silicone Is Divided Into A Glue And B Glue, The Ratio Of The Two Is 1:1 Controlled By The Quantitative Device, And Then The Static Mixer Is Fully Mixed, Injected Into Injection Pipe And Then Injection Molding Production.
    LSR Is a Non-Toxic, Heat-Resistant, Highly Resilient Flexible Thermosetting Material With Excellent Transparency, Tear Strength, Resilience, Yellowed Resistance, Thermal Stability, Good Air Permeability, Heat Aging Resistance And Weather Resistance. Its Rheological Behavior Is Characterized By Low Viscosity, Fast Curing, Shear Thinning And High Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion. LSR Is a Double Liquid Fast Vulcanizing Material With Platinum As Catalyst, Which Can Be Produced By Injection Molding In Large Quantities, Fast Vulcanizing And Repeatable Machinery.

    It Is Also One Of The Raw Materials Often Used By Bubble-Silicone Features Are As Follows:

    • Wide Range Of Temperature Resistance: -50℃-250℃
    • Stable Mechanical And Electrical Properties In a Wide Range Of Temperatures
    • In Any Weather And Ultraviolet Irradiation Has Stability, Anti-Aging
    • High Insulation: Dielectric Strength ≥20kv/Mm
    • Combustion Release Non-Toxic Gas
    • Curing Speed Is Fast, Is About 10 Times Of The Conventional Solid Silicone7. In The Low Temperature Environment Can Be In The Cylinder For a Long Time Standby

    4.3. Application Of Liquid Silicone

    Liquid Silicone Is An Irreplaceable Material In The Production And Design Of Health Products, Automobiles, Baby Products, Medical Supplies, Diving Supplies, Kitchen Utensils, Daily Products, Electrical Insulation Materials Processing And Sealing Parts.
    Forming Process
    Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding Technology (Lim) Is a New And Efficient Silicone Rubber Molding Method Developed In The Late 1970s. It Is a New Silicone Rubber Molding Processing Technology Formed By Combining Liquid Silicone Rubber With Equipment That Can Accurately And Stably Complete Injection Molding. Only Two Components (Can Also Include Auxiliary Components Such As Color Matching) Into The Equipment, From Feeding, Metering, Mixing To Molding Automatic Completion. This Processing Technology Can Achieve The Purpose Of Simplifying The Process, Shortening The Processing Time, Saving Materials And Improving Efficiency. And The Production Process Basically Does Not Produce Waste, Conducive To Environmental Protection.
    Through The Device, A And B The Two Liquid Silicone Rubber Raw Materials Are Precisely Measured And Transported To The Mixing Device → The Two Components Are Fully Mixed In The Mixer And Then Transported To The Injection Molding Machine → The Two Components Are Injected Or Sprayed Into The Preheated Multiple Molds By The Molding Machine And Evenly Distributed To Each Mold Cavity → The Silicone Rubber Material Is Heated And Quickly Vulcanized In The Hot Mold Cavity → The Mold Is Automatically Opened And Out After Vulcanization → Then The Mold Is Closed And Advanced Enter The Next Molding Cycle. The Whole Molding Cycle Of Tens Of Seconds To a Few Minutes, According To The Size Of The Different Molding Cycle Is Also Different.
    The Whole Process Is Fully Automatic. After Setting The Parameters, No Manual Control Can Be Achieved To Improve The Production Efficiency.
    Advantages Of Liquid Silicone Injection Molding:
    1) Save Manpower: Material Conveying, Metering, Mixing, Injection And Other Processes To Achieve Continuous Automation, Reduce Power Consumption.
    2) Can Improve Production Efficiency: Through Rapid Curing To Shorten The Molding Cycle.
    3) Can Improve Product Quality: No Reaction Byproducts, Not Mixed With Impurities.
    4) Suitable For Composite Molding: Due To The Good Fluidity Of The Material, Low Forming Pressure, Wide Curing Temperature Range, In Addition To The Insert Molding, Can Also Be Composite Molding.One – Time Molding, No Waste And Automation
    Custom LSR Silicone Injection Molding
    In Bubble-Silicone, We Have Fully Mastered The Technology Of LSR Injection Molding. Can Bring You High Quality Products. Can Accept Low MOQ For Customized Products. Please Contact Us Directly.