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    The Real Function and Wearing Trend of Silicone Bracelet

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    I believe that friends who play basketball have seen a lot of silicone wristbands. From time to time, I also buy one for myself to play with, and engrave the name of the star I admire or the person I like, and the price ranges from a few dollars to dozens of dollars.

    Custom Silicone Wristband

    Nowadays, on the field fields all over the world, many friends wear ankle pads and knee pads to protect their bodies and look professional. And many people wear one or several wristbands like many football stars, but in terms of the effect of use, we don’t really understand the role of the bracelet.

    But why do stars also love to wear silicone bracelets?

    The original origin of the silicone wristband is from the street basketball culture in the United States. According to legend, it is because the black children who play street ball are relatively poor and do not have formal jerseys. So everyone decided to use bracelets to distinguish the teams on both sides.1. The function of the first silicone bracelet, it is a kind of belief, a kind of strength, a kind of spirit that represents the team
    2. The  small function of the silicone bracelet is to control sweating. Just like the sweat bands we usually wear when we run long distances, since the players’ arms and wrists are generally thick, the wristband can let the antiperspirant flow to the palm of the hand to a certain extent, so as to avoid affecting dribbling, passing and shooting
    3.At the same time, the bracelet can also play a certain protective role. Because at the NBA level, many players have excellent jumping and physical abilities, and often perform dunks. And if you wear a bracelet, you can avoid some contact between the wrist and the ball frame, so as to avoid unnecessary scratches and other small injuries. Prevent wrist pain from affecting the shooting feel.
    4. psychological effect or have any commemorative significance
    Perhaps most of the players are due to this reason, because after all, the role of the wristband is too small, and many things can be solved by wearing an armguard. Many stars will engrave their favorite words or the names of their family members on their bracelets. For example, Westbrook often wears two bracelets, because one of his important friends and teammates, Khelcey Barrs, passed away unexpectedly in a high school game. Westbrook once said that he is playing with two people and living with two people. He often goes to KB’s house across the street to take care of KB’s favorite grandma.

    Trend of Silicone Bracelet

    1.Market Saturation: With the popularity of silicone wristbands, market saturation may cause consumers to lose novelty and interest in this product.
    2.The rise of new smart watches: Smart watches have more and more functions, such as Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc., which can track health data, receive notifications, make payments, etc. These functions are more diverse and practical than ordinary silicone wristbands, attracting Some consumers are turning to smart watches.
    3.Design and fashion: Silicone bracelets may be relatively simple in design, and young people may be more inclined to focus on fashion and personality, so they will choose other more fashionable accessories instead of silicone bracelets.
    4.Health and environmental awareness: Some people are beginning to pay attention to the material of the product and its impact on the body, worrying that materials such as silicone may contain chemical substances that may affect their health. At the same time, some environmental advocates may also think that the production and disposal of silicone bracelets will bring environmental burdens.
    5.Other Options: As technology and fashion evolve, people may tend to try other types of bracelets or accessories such as leather bracelets, metal bracelets, tattoos, etc. These options offer more variety and personalization.
    Nowadays, in many indoor and outdoor activities, everyone in the party will wear a specially customized silicone bracelet with special meaning to enhance the significance of the event.

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