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    There are many functions of Silicone Ice Tray that you don’t know

    custom silicone ice cube tray

    “A silicone ice cube is a silicone mold made from a silicone material used to make ice cubes.”Summer is coming, people will buy silicone ice trays, take them home and start making ice to enjoy the wonderful ice wine, ice cubes and fruit. But silicone ice trays can also make great treats in winter.

    Rose Silicone ice tray

    Silicone ice tray is also a kind of silicone product, it is made of food-grade raw materials, is very safe and environmental protection to use, belongs to low temperature resistant silicone products, has reusable characteristics, and applicable temperature range of -40 to 230 degrees Celsius. It is not hard to clean, has no deformation after a long time, has non-stick mold, long life, so it will be widely used.

    1. Silicone ice cubes can be used to make cookies:

    Because silicone has high-temperature resistance, it can also be used in the oven. The recipe goes like this: Put your flour, sugar, and other ingredients into an ice cube and place them in the oven (don’t overfill them). It can be done easily

    cookie Silicone Mold

    2. It can be used as a silicone cake mold:

    Making a cake is similar to making cookies. Now there are more and more styles of silicone ice trays: flowers, animals, letters and so on. Can be used to make cute shape cakes.When choosing to make a cake, it is recommended to choose the kind of large lattice silicone mold. This will make the cake more round and beautiful.

    3. Silicone jelly /pudding mold:

    This is the children’s favorite, it is similar to the production of ice cubes, mainly frozen in the refrigerator, there are many kinds of food choices.

    4. Silicone soap mold:

    Silicone products are often used in DIY. Silicone ice trays can also be used to make soap. Add the prepared soy wax (or beeswax, paraffin is fine) to the melting pot. Pour the melted wax into the mold. Waiting for cooling molding.

    Handmade Making Soap Silicone Molds

    5. Making silicone baby toys:

    A variety of shapes of ice trays, with other soft materials into the silicone mold molding out of toys, children are very like to make their own toys. It satisfies curiosity and hands-on ability.

    And finally, some people ask are silicone ice bars toxic. Bubble-Silicone is very responsible to show that silicone itself is non-toxic and easy to clean. Be sure to shop for food-grade silicone.

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